This article is dedicated to my daughter (technically step) Lizzie, (Elizabeth really but I wouldn’t try to call her that). My Lizzie just loves plush toys and has a real affinity for Olympic Mascots. It started with the Beijing Babies, and now has spawned to the loveable and huggable Vancouver-Whistler 2010 trio + 1 mascots or as they are refered to at home the Vancouver babies.

Lizzie not only inspired this article, but suggested it when one day she noticed a stamp with one of the mascots and in her very Lizzie way, asked when I was going to put it on the internet.

On January 12, and February 12, 2009 Canada Post issued a set of Stamps promoting The Vancouver Olympics. The stamps feature the 3 mascots and the logos for both the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics.


The first of her Vancouver babies, and her favourite is Sumi. Sumi is a Guardian Spirit and takes his role very seriously. He lives in Whistler and lists Hot Cocoa as his favourite food.   He loves alpine skiing and flying over the coast mountains and wants to share his forest and mountain home with the rest of the world. His favourite colour is fern green. You can see Sumi on the right endulging in a game of wheel chair curling. Also pictured on the stamp is the logo of the 2010 paralympic winter games. The $1.18 stamp was issued on February 12, 2009 with the souvenir sheet, a month after the other values and stamps. This was done to mark the 1 year count down to the start of the games. It was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.


The next baby is Miga who is a Sea Bear. Sea Bears are part killer whale and part bear. Miga is special because her bear part is from the Kermode bear, which is a rare white bear only found in British Columbia.

She lives off the coast of Vancouver Island. Miga is a very adventurous Sea Bear who lists surfing and snow boarding among her hobbies. She has an appetite for wild salmon and dreams one day of landing a "corked 720 in the half-pipe". Miga’s favourite colour is forest green.

Miga looks to be attempting that corked 720 on the stamp featuring her on the left. The 98¢ stamp was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.


The last Vancouver baby is Quatchi. Now, Quatchi is a sasquatch who tends to be shy but friendly.

A true Canadian, Quatchi, loves all winter sports but is especially fond of hockey. He dreams one day of becoming a world famous hockey goalie. Much like the author, he is keen all sorts of food and is always willing to try new varieties and kinds. Chill Blue is his favourite colour and he also likes photography and travel. His home, well no one really knows where the sasquatch live, it is a mystery.

Pictured playing hockey, it seems the Quatchi is getting his break on the $1.65 stamp. It was issued in booklets, coils and as part of the souvenir sheet.

I hope you, and my Princess Lizzie like the philatelic expose of the latest Olympic mascots.