It’s going to be a Girl. Wow, this has to be the best year (Well 365 day period) in my life. I married my sweetheart and best friend (she is my angel) last thanksgiving weekend , got the two best (step) kids a person could ask for and yesterday we found out that we are about to have a daughter. Needless to say both the Garmeister and Princess are absolutely ecstatic about their soon to be little sister.

We all can’t wait to welcome the little bundle of joy into the world. There will no doubt be a ton of Teddy Bears and assorted toys to welcome her. The grandparents are excited and I am sure just waiting to pounce I mean spoil the newest member of the family with love along with Cara, our adorable family dog.

While the proud dad to be is thinking soccer and rugby are just fine sports to get his newest bundle playing.

Needless to say this December around Christmas there will be much cause to celebrate our newest arrival.

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