Good question. I called my blog phab philately, because philately is a fabulous hobby that provides great entertainment along with teaching everybody who sees a stamp something about the country or subject featured on the stamp.

Referred to as the hobby of Kings, stamp collecting has been around since the first postage stamp was issued. People such as John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, Ayn Rand, Ronnie Wood, Maria Sharapova and Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor are or were stamp collectors.

I collect stamps for many reasons. I think each stamp is a piece of art that is worthy of hanging in the finest museums or art galleries. How else could I own an expensive piece of art without shelling over millions of dollars.

Another reason I collect stamps is for my love of history. Many stamps depict important historical events in a country’s history. The ability to use a postage stamp to learn more about a subject is one of the big draws to this hobby.

One of the biggest pluses in philately/stamp collecting is that there is “no” wrong way to do it. You also have the ability to have a collection based on a topic or theme. With a topical or thematic collection you are only limited to your imagination, and what has been issued. Some examples are Stamps on Stamps, Ships and Trains.

Other popular topics include aircraft, animals, insects, art, etc… As stated above you are really only limited to what your imagination can come up with.

Another interesting collecting area is covers. This is where you collect the whole envelope, this is intriguing and an important part of studying postal history as well.

There are also other areas you can collect such as: Postmarks, Perfins, Postal Stationary and Maximum Cards to name a few.

So why Phab Philately? It is a fabulous hobby where, what and how you collect, is only limited by your imagination.