On May 25, 1975 the Republic of Togo issued a set of 4 stamps (2 regular, 2 airmail) depicting hunting scenesand are inscriped “CHASSE AU TOGO” (Hunting in Togo).

This set appeals to me, not because I am a hunter (I tried it once and that was enough), but the simplicity in design and what I feel is the clean look of the designs. The only awkward design element is the lack of scale when you compare the animal sizes to the hunters.

The stamps were printed by lithography and are perforated 13 x 13½.

Each of the designs features a different type of animal and method of hunting. The 30 Franc value features a hunter using a club to hunt rabbit.

The 40 Franc value features a bow hunter, hunting beaver. You can also see that the hunter seems to have a machette at his side.

The first airmail stamp features a couple of deer. Although no hunter is in the image, I believe the item near the lower left of the design is a type of foothold trap.

The final stamp in the set features wild boar hunting with a rifle or shot gun.