On November 30, 1980 the island nation of Cape Verde issued 5 ship themed stamps. The stamps were printed using lithography and were perforated 12½ x 12. Inscribed “Frota Mercante” the stamps were issued to commemorate the Merchant Fleet serving the islands.

Arca Verde

On the 3 Escudo stamp the Arca Verde is pictured. She was built in Norway and completed in 1955 as the Herlaug II. Powered by 1, 8 cylinder BMV diesel engine producing 400 bhp and capable of carrying 150 passengers.

Ilha do Maio

The 7.50 Escudo stamp features the freighter Ilha do Maio. Complted in 1972 she was Originally built as the JOFF for Norwegian owners. She was sold to the Companhia Nacional de Navegacao ’Acra Verde’ in 1979 and renamed the Ilha do Maio.

Ilha de Komo

Up next we have the 7.50 Escudo stamp with the cargo-container ship Ilha de Komo. She was originally built as the Lindinger Hyacinth for the Danish company Reederei Lindinger and was launched in 1973. Used for worldwide tramping she was sold to the government of Cape Verde in 1978.

Boa Vista

The Boa Vista is on the 9 Escudo stamp. Built as a coaster and completed in 1973 she was originally the Jojet. Bought by Companhia Nacional de Navegacao “ARCA VERDE” in 1978 from the Lys Line, she was renamed and entered service in Cape Verde merchant fleet.

Santo Antao

Built as an open shelter deck cargo ship the Santo Antao is featured on the 12 Escudo stamp. Purchased by the government of Cape Verde in 1977 from Reederei Lindinger she was renamed the Santo Antao from the Lindinger Diamond. She was designed for use in world wide tramping.


The 30 Escudo stamp features the Santiago. Constructed in Denmark as the Mercandian Pacific for Mercandia Scandia and completed in 1977 she was sold to the government of Cape Verde in 1979. She was designed as a container ship.

Ship details courtesy of: shipstamps.co.uk.