Issued in 1981 as one in a set of 4 commemorating Norwegian lake shipping the Motor Ship (MS) Fæmund is featured on the 1k.50 value.

The MS Fæmund is a historic passenger ferry that originally entered service in 1905. It replaced the original Fæmund that served on Lake Femunden in 1887. She was constructed to carry passengers, goods, mail and timber on Norway’s third largest lake.

The Fæmund is still important because many houses on the lake still don’t have road connections. Between mid June and mid September she sails between Sørvika and Elgå.

Originally constructed as a steam ship, the Fæmund was converted to diesel power in 1958. She is 78½ feet long with a beam of 17 feet. Displacing 81 gross tons, she draws 6 feet of water, carrying between 75 and 100 passengers.