The Ghanan Postal authority issued a set of 3 stamps in 1957 to commemorate the formation of the Black Star Line, Ghana’s national shipping company.

Intended to carry cargoes of equipment and materials to Ghana and sail with Ghanan produce going outward. The company originally operated in concert with Zim Israeli Navigation Company. But in 1960 the Government of Ghana decided to take over the 40% stake that Zim owned.

The first stamp in the set depicts a Viking long ship and is denominated 2½ pence.

The next stamp in the set is denominated 1 shilling 3 pence and features a Galleon.

The last stamp in the set features a representation of the MV Volta River. The stamp is denominated 5 shillings.

The MV Volta River displaced 4,959 gross tons, had a length of 420 feet with a breadth of 56¾ feet. Her draught was 24¼ feet and she had a cruise speed of 11 knots.