The MV MacDhui was built by Barclay, Curie and Co., Ltd. of Glasgow in 1931 for Burns Philp on their New Guinea service. She displaced 4,561 gross tons with a length of 341 feet 9 inches and a beam of 51 feet 2 inches. Her engines provided 635 nhp and she could accommodate 167 first class passengers.

In March of 1931, she departed for Australia laden with coal. She worked the cargo and passenger service between Sydney and New Guinea. Until she was requisitioned by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

While in RAN service the MacDhui operated between Sydney and Port Moresby. On June 17, 1942 she was attacked while in harbour at Port Moresby and suffered damage. Then on the 18th she came under attack again and while attempting to avoid the bombs she struck a reef and sunk.